Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Alpha Asian

I Just had a severe reality check

Well, I suck. I haven't posted in a month because I was frankly busy with Novice State and other events in my life. Moving on....I just had a major reality check. My school finally released a sort of ranking of us in our grade and I was thirty first. THIRTY FRICKIN FIRST. It was such a disappointment but then I went into strategy mode. Finding all those above me. It is time for total and systematic domination. out of the thirty I have found at least five confirmed and others pending. It may  sound creepy but oh well sue me! I will be alpha Asian even if it kills me.
From this moment I pledge to do everything in my power to be the best and dominate every field of study at my school. I will not go down in history as a mere fleck of  evolution. I will be that moment that people play over and over again.

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P.S. I feel like I need to prove something, the best feeling ever