Saturday, 23 January 2016


It's actually snowing!!

I'm sitting at my window, nose pressed up against the cold glass and I can see flakes fluttering through the air. All of yesterday's  disappointments disappeared when the first flake landed on my glove. All I can think of is Christmas, coffee and I'm not going to lie but Ramen!! Funny how one day you can be so sad yet solidified water falling is the happiest thing to wake up to at 8:30 n the morning.

Georgia Tech's grounds look like they're enveloped by the snow queen's  pure white cloak. I ventured out into the  cold in order to make a snow man but ended up nearly slipping thrice and trying to scrape snow stuck to the bonnets of Audi's to make snowballs. On a side note Lana Del Ray is doing things to me"..All I want to  do is get high by the beach...". Back to  my point. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that never have any set emotions because you will always go from high to low to high. So stop and play in the snow and then if you're sad, hey! make a huge ass snow ball and throw it at someone who pisses you off.

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