Friday, 22 January 2016

Snowflakes on my window....

It's Cancelled.....

If you are in high school ,on your school's debate team in Georgia, you were probably scheduled to come to the Carter/King invitational hosted at Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta. If you didn't know, A.P.S has cancelled all activities due to recent snow warnings. I know it's better to be safe than sorry, but some part of me still hopes that all this will blow over and we will be called in to run the tournament. It may seem stupid wanting to spend my Friday night and entire Saturday directing people to rooms and fetching everyone drinks but we were going to do this as a team.

I can picture it happening. The guys exclaiming ," OK finally everyone's in their rooms, LETS GO GET MEDGRILL!!!". The girls [ by which I mean me] saying "STARBUCKS BREAK!!". Then we would have rolly -chair races just because we couldn't. After everyone would tire out we would attempt to be civil which would go horribly because of a joke someone cracked earlier in the day. 
At awards we would pretend to be British and give them a minimalist royal clap. We would go home and then pass out and then probably wake up the next day with a faint headache.

This is the best part of being in a team. We all enjoy things together, regret them together and in the  end, end up with some pretty awesome memories. All I can say to  you is make the most of your high school years as I'm trying to do  the same. Hopefully we can see you next year at Grady. I look forward to meeting you all some day.

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