Saturday, 30 January 2016

This is Me : I Was In A Shooting...

This is Me : I Was In A Shooting...:

I Was In A Shooting...

Well Then...

As most of you know I attend Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta. If you haven't heard then at approximately 2:00 pm a suspect was seen entering campus with a gun which placed us under hard lock down for an hour while the authorities searched campus. We then moved into soft lock down from where , when they determined it was safe enough, put us in buses which took us home.
I want to first of all start of by saying that I'm completely fine and no one got hurt. The weird part about this was that no one was in the least bit scared which was honestly quite amazing.

I think somewhere in that mess I realized that I don't have to be scared all the time. Scared of the  unknown, scared of what could happen. I can only live life at its fullest and if something happens ... well then it was time that it did. By saying this in no way am I advocating for crime or giving anyone a free pass. All I'm saying is that everyone has their time and their is no use or sense in spending it fear.   

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New Developments...


Hi all, in the next few weeks, ads are going to most probably start appearing on my humble little blog. Thank You all  for getting me to this point. I love you all :)

As promised the top 10 songs I listen to while heating up food:
1.This Summer's Gonna Hurt -  Maroon 5
2. Glad You Came - The Wanted
3. Earned It - The Weeknd
4 . I Need Nobody- Ellie Goulding
5. Under Control - Calvin Harris ft. Alesso
6. I Know Places - Taylor Swift
7. Wonderland- Taylor Swift
8. Don't Hold The Wall- Justin Timberlake
9. What Goes Around Comes Back Around- Justin Timberlake
10. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake

Normally I would include the likes of Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out By  on there but they make me go all rock chick with the hand movements and everything that is dangerous in a kitchen setting. REMEMBER KIDS ALWAYS PRACTICE FIRE SAFETY!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

This is Me : Shopping!!!

This is Me : Shopping!!!:


I Just Used My First Paycheck!!!

I just used my first paycheck! Yup you read that right. Exactly $11. It feels so good yet so bad at the same time. I think we all love that feeling of independence yet hate that feeling that oh my god, this nation is scamming me with taxes and other useless stuff, I need to find a way to break the system!!
Anyways to what I actually bought : I bought a Neutrogena MoistureSmooth color stick in the shade Wine Berry [ number- 130] P.S. Neutrogena if  you're re reading this, you should pay me for this free plug. If you want to see how it looks on my lips, check out my Instagram and follow me: @avonstar21.

The other item which I purchased was instant mushroom risotto. Yes, yes many people could and would have said that it was foolish to spend $4 on  Amy's Mushroom Risotto , but hey!, if your mom hasn't made some in a while, you have to take matters into your own hands. I like to listen to a few songs while heating stuff up [the only time I cook] . If you want to know then leave a comment below. I'm probably going to do it anyways so....yeah. 

Also if you have any suggestions or critiques , message them over and I'll address them as soon as I can.

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Saturday, 23 January 2016

This is Me : Snowflakes!!!

This is Me : Snowflakes!!!: It's actually snowing!! I'm sitting at my window, nose pressed up against the cold glass and I can see flakes fluttering through...


It's actually snowing!!

I'm sitting at my window, nose pressed up against the cold glass and I can see flakes fluttering through the air. All of yesterday's  disappointments disappeared when the first flake landed on my glove. All I can think of is Christmas, coffee and I'm not going to lie but Ramen!! Funny how one day you can be so sad yet solidified water falling is the happiest thing to wake up to at 8:30 n the morning.

Georgia Tech's grounds look like they're enveloped by the snow queen's  pure white cloak. I ventured out into the  cold in order to make a snow man but ended up nearly slipping thrice and trying to scrape snow stuck to the bonnets of Audi's to make snowballs. On a side note Lana Del Ray is doing things to me"..All I want to  do is get high by the beach...". Back to  my point. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that never have any set emotions because you will always go from high to low to high. So stop and play in the snow and then if you're sad, hey! make a huge ass snow ball and throw it at someone who pisses you off.

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Friday, 22 January 2016

This is Me : Snowflakes on my window....

This is Me : Snowflakes on my window....: It's Cancelled..... If you are in high school ,on your school's debate team in Georgia, you were probably scheduled to come to t...

Snowflakes on my window....

It's Cancelled.....

If you are in high school ,on your school's debate team in Georgia, you were probably scheduled to come to the Carter/King invitational hosted at Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta. If you didn't know, A.P.S has cancelled all activities due to recent snow warnings. I know it's better to be safe than sorry, but some part of me still hopes that all this will blow over and we will be called in to run the tournament. It may seem stupid wanting to spend my Friday night and entire Saturday directing people to rooms and fetching everyone drinks but we were going to do this as a team.

I can picture it happening. The guys exclaiming ," OK finally everyone's in their rooms, LETS GO GET MEDGRILL!!!". The girls [ by which I mean me] saying "STARBUCKS BREAK!!". Then we would have rolly -chair races just because we couldn't. After everyone would tire out we would attempt to be civil which would go horribly because of a joke someone cracked earlier in the day. 
At awards we would pretend to be British and give them a minimalist royal clap. We would go home and then pass out and then probably wake up the next day with a faint headache.

This is the best part of being in a team. We all enjoy things together, regret them together and in the  end, end up with some pretty awesome memories. All I can say to  you is make the most of your high school years as I'm trying to do  the same. Hopefully we can see you next year at Grady. I look forward to meeting you all some day.

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Monday, 18 January 2016


On the Market

Today morning I decided to take a look at the stock market. What a mistake that was. Well the thing is that I understood everything, but when I tried to open a virtual trading account, I was always asked for some sort of ID like my SSN . This is a number which is the trouble for every person entering the country legally. Why is it that when we do the right things, we are punished the most? Every moral code and even the US Constitution states that wrong doers are to be punished and the people who do right are to be rewarded. NASDAQ encourages me to trade but I can't, because the people who depend on NASDAQ, DJIA, and S&P500 don't want me to. 

If this isn't hypocrisy then I don't know what is. One of the man focuses of the 2016 election is immigration. They speak of stopping  illegal entry and providing equal opportunity to those who will work for it. This is the so called 'American Dream'.  So today in this blog post I'm officially taking a stand and saying this, "I am a girl who has LEGALLY entered this country and has done everything right. Why am I not being given the same opportunities when I can and do work better than another?"

Sunday, 10 January 2016

I Don't Know What I'm Doing

Where Do I Belong?

I've thought about this question long and hard. I've been told that since I'm from India so I belong there. I've also been told that since I live here now I should belong here. If only it were  that simple....
The truth is that I don't feel like I belong anywhere at the current moment.
I hope this feeling isn't permanent, because to tell you the truth it's a really bad feeling. It's the kind of feeling which when given to much thought can ruin your entire day or week. How do you know where you belong? For starters, I hope I belong here. The fist song that I ever heard when I came over here was when I was in IKEA looking for a coffee table. I still remember when we went to the warehouse, Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors" was playing over the speakers. Almost everyone subconsciously started singing along. It was beautiful. I still try and find such moments where I felt like I belonged. I look forward to the day when I truly belong somewhere again and the  time when I can help someone feel like they belong.

That's all I have to say.........feel free to comment below.

P.S. Am I Interesting? Maybe...

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

I Like Me Just the Way I Am


It's the New Year... a chance to start afresh. That's true to a certain extent. You can always hope that you have a major personality change and become everyone's beloved, but this plan is majorly flawed. If you go to an educational institution you are returning in the middle of the academic year. So in conclusion stay he way you are because you are perfect just the way you are.
Enough with the rant. I think I should stick to writing about my life, but if you want to read about anything else leave a comment below. Anyway, this time of the year my friends and I had one and one tradition only, which was to watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show and mock the ungodly standards set for women by the likes of Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo and so on. We may have publicly mocked them but we all knew what we wanted to look like. So that was it "New Year, I'm going to work  out every day". Well we all know how that turns out. For a brief period of time I even started feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, the very thing that was supposed to protect me. That was until I left my home of 15 years and came here and started anew. The confidence that I've gotten from just being here is surreal.
So in conclusion all I want to say is thank you for the best Christmas and New Year's gift ever; the gift of returning me to me.