Saturday, 19 December 2015

This Is Me.....

It's currently 40 F outside on a Saturday morning in my winter break. I've finally let myself think about the last 3 crazy months of my 15 yr old life. But in order for you to understand my story a little better, I think I should give you a little backstory. It was sometime in December when my parents told me that they were actively trying to enroll my father in a college in the US. They told me that it may be a possibility but not to get my hopes up. You see I didn't have an unhappy life, I actually had more there than here but living here was always a dream. I guess it's time I introduce myself. Hi! I'm Avni Garg, 15 yr old girl currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. See! I made it. Now back to the story. So the 'rents took my the consulate where we were approved to come here. I remember my last day at  my old school back in Bangalore-where I come from- really well. You see no one  cried and they were glad to see me go. It was at that particular moment I realized what a fool  I had been. My parents were giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to start afresh. New school, new and real friends,new everything. So I stepped on to the British airways flight and made a secret promise to myself never to look back. Boy did that serve me well. The school that I currently reside in is what I always wanted. Being at private school for 11 years should have made me  a snob but I fell in love with Grady High the moment I walked in. You see it's a diverse public school. I've actually learned more here about  life than I ever did back in India. I've joined the debate team, it's how I control my rage about everything  wrong with society and how we ought  to correct it.[LD debaters should get that ;)] I think I'll leave you with that for now.

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