Friday, 25 December 2015

The Holidays

'Tis The Season
It's the 25th of December. On this day I'm going to sit and tell you some of my joys,regrets and some things I hope to do. I feel as if I can confide in all of you. In a weird way, all of you are my family too. Right, so to start this merry list, I'm going to start with a joy. A joy was meeting my one of my best friends . She has been there through my ups and downs, sending me happy snaps when I'm away at a tournament or insulting me when I needed it. A regret I have is telling one of my other friends  the truth about what people say about him. If you're reading this I'm sorry but you needed to know.  Something I hope to do is fix some relationships back in India because at the end of the day, most of those people are my friends. 
A great joy was actually coming here, to a new school and new friends with new teachers [ Hi ! If I know you, if not well....Hey!]. One regret is not being honest about my feelings - no declarations of love XD- because I think that would have helped me understand a few people much better much faster. So in relation to that , something I hope to do is express my emotions better so I can progress socially as well as academically.
I may not have the best social capability as you can tell but I think  I can speak and persuade pretty well. So I'm going to sign off and use those powers of persuasion to get you to share and like  this.

As usual feel free to comment below ........... and come back for more!
P.S. I think I'm sort of interesting?