Friday, 25 December 2015

The Holidays

'Tis The Season
It's the 25th of December. On this day I'm going to sit and tell you some of my joys,regrets and some things I hope to do. I feel as if I can confide in all of you. In a weird way, all of you are my family too. Right, so to start this merry list, I'm going to start with a joy. A joy was meeting my one of my best friends . She has been there through my ups and downs, sending me happy snaps when I'm away at a tournament or insulting me when I needed it. A regret I have is telling one of my other friends  the truth about what people say about him. If you're reading this I'm sorry but you needed to know.  Something I hope to do is fix some relationships back in India because at the end of the day, most of those people are my friends. 
A great joy was actually coming here, to a new school and new friends with new teachers [ Hi ! If I know you, if not well....Hey!]. One regret is not being honest about my feelings - no declarations of love XD- because I think that would have helped me understand a few people much better much faster. So in relation to that , something I hope to do is express my emotions better so I can progress socially as well as academically.
I may not have the best social capability as you can tell but I think  I can speak and persuade pretty well. So I'm going to sign off and use those powers of persuasion to get you to share and like  this.

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Life as it is

Hey Guys! So I see - being the enormous geek  I am- stats that  are honestly mind blowing!!! I sincerely hope you really like what I'm writing about.
OK so I was thinking about the first time I ever went to a debate tournament. For those of you who don't know, every 2 months a new topic is released by the association and we prepare 'cases' which we present and debate with at a tournament held at a specific high school or college or any other location.So I remember getting up at  5:00 a.m. in the morning and just seeing pitch black outside my window. It was at this particular moment I  pondered about  what drives some people into thinking that the hours reserved for REM sleep are the ones in which you should wake up a child to do ANYTHING. Well finally I got dressed in formals and then got into a car that took me to the bus. [ I honestly don't remember who gave me a lift,if you're reading this I'm sorry ] I get there and I realize wait.... am I in a bus,,,going to another school.....sitting with a guy whom I'm pretty sure hates me because I got to network faster to him and in a bus full  of people whom I wouldn't trust with my life. Turns out this was the worst assumption I'd  made to date. This was as bus rides became my favorite medium of transport after flying, exploring other schools was cool, the guy turned out to be my best friend and has hugged and comforted me more times than I can count and I would gladly give up anything now to make sure this team was safe as  because as much as I tried to deny it, they are now my second family. They've taken me at my worst, celebrated me at my best and I have a feeling this is going to be a long and fun journey together. One I wouldn't trade in for anything in the world.

Go Grady Jesters!!!!
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Saturday, 19 December 2015


Well I see you guys like what I said. Thank You  for your response. Honestly you guys are the best. We all should come up with a team name. Comment below what you want to be called.

Now back to my story of the move....Ah yes the debate team. Well I always thought that I was an outsider to everything in India because my opinions were different. Well turns out I was so wrong.
You see the first word anyone said in India on a difference of opinion was "Shut Up!!" but over here it's "Interesting...Why?". Moving along I remember my first time at Costco. It was like all my wildest dreams-Swift pun intended-had come true. Walls lined with imaginable flavor of Pringles and aisles half a mile long loaded with every soy sauce ever made!! Once I went in , I think some part of me never came back out. Another fun fact: There is no  Costco or Walmart or Target back in India.
Yeah this was a shock. At school I made some 'friends'- refer to post 1 for my trust issues-whom I eventually learned to trust. But the trouble was that I wasn't in the math  class I wanted to be in. So I made it my personal mandate from every mathematician out there that I would get in. Thus began  the obsessive charting, mapping and confrontation of  the Advanced Mathematical teacher whom I surprise attacked by begging  for math work to do even if  I couldn't get a grade for it. He was surprised but did give me a test. I'm proud to say that I'm now in the advanced course and will be taking pre-calc my  sophomore year. I'll leave you at that for now...

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This Is Me.....

It's currently 40 F outside on a Saturday morning in my winter break. I've finally let myself think about the last 3 crazy months of my 15 yr old life. But in order for you to understand my story a little better, I think I should give you a little backstory. It was sometime in December when my parents told me that they were actively trying to enroll my father in a college in the US. They told me that it may be a possibility but not to get my hopes up. You see I didn't have an unhappy life, I actually had more there than here but living here was always a dream. I guess it's time I introduce myself. Hi! I'm Avni Garg, 15 yr old girl currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. See! I made it. Now back to the story. So the 'rents took my the consulate where we were approved to come here. I remember my last day at  my old school back in Bangalore-where I come from- really well. You see no one  cried and they were glad to see me go. It was at that particular moment I realized what a fool  I had been. My parents were giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to start afresh. New school, new and real friends,new everything. So I stepped on to the British airways flight and made a secret promise to myself never to look back. Boy did that serve me well. The school that I currently reside in is what I always wanted. Being at private school for 11 years should have made me  a snob but I fell in love with Grady High the moment I walked in. You see it's a diverse public school. I've actually learned more here about  life than I ever did back in India. I've joined the debate team, it's how I control my rage about everything  wrong with society and how we ought  to correct it.[LD debaters should get that ;)] I think I'll leave you with that for now.

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